I brought these juicy apricots when I was in Copenhagen, but actually, mango is my favorite fruit. I like the special taste of mango and its yellow color as well.

Every time when I have the chance to buy fruit or a crepe, I would like to choose mango.However, it isn't a suitable fruit for me, and I often get allergy after eating it.
I used to tell myself: It's ok, just allergy. It won't hurt my health.

One day, I found that I can't always connive myself.
If I like to eat apple or grapes those are healthy and vitamin-rich, it will be perfect. But life never acts upon our thoughts.I can't change mango as healthy and delicious as I want.

It's the same situation in my life: I have to compromise in some circumstances.
Money or life?
Freedom or responsibility?
Expectation in the future or return immediately?

I won't pray that I will become wise instantly, but I hope I won't regret every decision I made in this moment.
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