This morning, I finished the final presentation of entrepreneurship courses.Honestly speaking, it's a disaster to me.

Yesterday, I went to the group meeting at 10, and had class between 1130-1430. After that, we started discussion from 1500-1800 until the door of building closed. BUT, at that moment, we didn't do anything for the financial part!

According to our background, none of us specialized in finance. The one in charge of the financial part, just because he was absent in the meeting before and he said every part was ok to him.

I used to ask another member who is familar with him, "Are you sure he is ok with that?" She said no problem, and she will help him deal with that. However, it's not OK at all. They promised me to send the final presentation, but until 1:00 am this morning I didn't get any response. (They sent it at 2:30 am)

Actually, we went through every slide well, and although we didn't provide detail finaicial data, we had some numbers to show off at that moment. If you said it's a test, I think we can "Pass". The problem is "Promise is promise." Maybe it's one kind of culture issue; some people tend to finish task before, and others always do it in the last moment. But if we have agreement, at least you should give me some "explanations". No...sorry...

When I saw the presentations of other groups, I clearly knew "People makes difference." Their ideas may be not a big business, but they try to make it realistic. In terms of time spending, they try to make the presentation more professional and attractive.

Starting a new business is really a tough thing. How to manage people is really an art, too.
It's the end of the class, and my life trip through trial and error just starts.

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