From Denmark to Sweden, you don't need to take a boat! Through the Oresund Bridge, it only takes 40 minutes from Copenhagen to Malmö by train.

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden, but for me, it looks like a peaceful town. Compared to the tourists in Copenhagen, Malmö doesn't have so many people visit there. Living pace here is slow, and everyone seems to have a good mood because of the bright sun!

First, we had an one hour walking tour. "Square, city hall and church are main elements in Europe. If you see them in one place, which represents the place has important position long time ago."

"People living in Scandic cities are calm and value family life beyond other things. About 10 years ago, the restaurants near the square start to open outdoors, and people begin to enjoy different type of life."

The lady guided us about the history of the city and some stories from the past to the present.
After I know more about the city, Malmö becomes not just a name of my map.

Another special spot here is the "Turning Torso".

It was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, who hoped that architecture can interact with people, so he designed the building as a twisting human being. It twisted ninety degrees from the top to the ground floor! I think it will be an interesting experience to live in a twist building~

Except the Turning Torso, there are a lot of special design houses near the beach. Although it's not a sandy beach, people there still enjoy their summer very much!

Summer, beach, real life!
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