If you come to Copenhagen, you will find it's not a big harbor and not the most beautiful one in the world.
But this harbor has very special atmosphere.

Different from other sightseeing place, all you can see is people eating, drinking and chatting anywhere.

If you are lucky, you could find a pretty resturant to eat, and enjoy the view of the harbor.
More enjoyable, you can find a ship where serves food and drink on board~

If you are as poor as me, my Danish friends recommend to buy some beers in the shop, find a place near the port, sit with friends, and enjoy the same scene as others.

The harbor is the house of ships, and walking around always let me feel relax and warm as home.
It will be perfect, if my family and friends are here....
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Essential Happiness

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  • Anonymous
  • Sounds like heaven!!
    Beer, people, peace... and Jas!!
    Have a good day!!