Copenhagen Business School has planned a lot of social events for the students joining International Summer University Program.

At the first time, when I see these activities, I feel very surprised that almost 17 activities are hold during the six weeks! How can I handle the study, dissertation and activities at the same time? So, I give up the 13 events which bundle together before.

However, after I attended the first two class, I notice that if I didn't join the social program, it will be difficult to know Copenhagen more. Therefore, I missed the BBQ at the first day, amazing Race on Monday, but I joined the folk dancing after the two activities.

Honestly speaking, I'm not quite interesting in this activity, according to the introduction,"Most of the dances date from 1780-1880 and were originally danced by farmers and poor people....old fashioned..." I can imagine what it will look like!

But joining a activity is totally different experience with just looking. After their performance, the eight old ladies and gentlemen invited everyone to dance with them. Then, you saw more than 100 people surround as a circle, and started dancing!

It's really fun that you danced with everyone. Some dance steps are easy to learn, but others are not. Such as, you need to change partners seven times, and then danced with the guy you met. Moreover, you can see people bump together! It's really old-fashioned, but I think it's also a pure pleasure that just enjoy the live music and people gather together~

Otherwise, the energy of those dancers are amazing! I just danced around 30 minutes, and felt very exhausted. They are much older than me, but they danced all the time!!

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