The speech in the information meeting changed my impression of Denmark.

Danish are proud of their flexible labor market, which generates their ability to face the internal or external competition. If people are unemployed, they will be forced to take training courses. Skill is the most important thing in this country; therefore, their education program is up to date.

As the speaker mentioned, Denmark has open economics, and has their own monetary system and language, which is totally different from the another world dominated by the U.S. or Britain. In order to own the liberty of these perspectives, they have been training being more flexible, negotiable, and practical in dealing with the environment.

The most crucial words he said is "Danish take decisions because the future is uncertain, they have been forced to survive." Likewise, Taiwan also faces an uncertain future; but, can we find out our core competencies to develop competitive advantages as Denmark?

I still need to investigate more about the Danish culture... it's what I'm expecting~
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