I know I shouldn't be so greedy, and I should feel satisfied about the life I have.

Not everyone can come here to study, and explore the sea of knowledge.
Not everyone is as lucky as me who meet some unique guys and have some stories.
Not everyone can do as I do, travelling to anywhere I would like to go.

I deeply appreciated my parents and family who support and provide me the opportunity to do whatever I want.
I truly appreciated my friends who help and advise me when I feel confused or can't make decisions.
I really want to say thank you to people who accompany me wheather in study or ordinary life;
and say sorry to people who may be hurt by me unintentionally.

I have a lot of stories and thought want to share.
However, the time goes by so quickly; I can't even see it's shadow~
God, could you offer me more time?

I cherish the time we spend together, but...
Life is always tough and unpredictable.
7 days later, I will go to Copenhagen to finish my final study.
7 weeks later, I may fly back to Taiwan directly~

My friends, I will miss you in the future, and thanks for everything you do for me.
Maybe, our stories will continue around the world, if we can share messages to each others.

May God bless you, and happiness will accompany you forever.
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Essential Happiness

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  • Jasmine
  • Thanks...of course you are my friend..I should write one article for you crazy guys, maybe next time ^^
  • Terence
  • Well, maybe I do not belong to that "friends in UK" so maybe I shouldn't have any comments.
    However, we met in UK at least and I think we are friends, aren't we? :p
    Good luck for your final study and take care of youself. I'm convinced that nothing can frustrate a business woman like you. ;)
    Hope to see you in Taiwan before long and may God bless you, too. :)