I has two courses in Copenhagen Business School (CBS); one is entrepreneurship, and another is strategic brand management.

Entrepreneurship is compulsory that I have to choose. I attended the class at Aston several times; but, it focuses more on innovation, which is different from learning at CBS. This class emphasizes on entrepreneurship, and we need to make business plan.

Strategic brand management is what I'm looking for, and we don't have similar classes at Aston.

Before I came here, I told myself that I need to perform myself in different way. I have nearly finished my study, and feel more confidence to my ability, although it's always not enough in my perception. Anyway, I come here and have to molt again.

Talking about brand management first. More than half of students in this class are Dane, and others come from different countries. Danes are friendly, but they just allow to take one class in summer, so most of them have a part-time job...

The lecturer is a Dane too. His teaching is very clear and he designs some real cases for us to understand the concept. Companies are invited to have presentations for us, and we interact with them. It's very practical compared to introducing theories.

Before, we have Greenland (a food company, presented by AD company), TDC (the biggest telecom company in Denmark)and L'Oreal. In L'Oreal's case, the key account manager in Denmark came to our class, and gave us a fictive situation which based on a real life problem.

Although L'Oreal is a famous company; but in our class, not really many people want to present this case. One reason is that we have another presentation need to do, and another issue is that only have one weekend to prepare. One Danish girl, and another Indian guy want to make it, but the lecturer expects more.

I have another article presentation on next Thursday, so I'm considering that if I can afford it in the beginning. But, if no one wants to do it, then, why not?
So, I raised my hand, and became the third volunteer.

It's really a good thing to prepare for it. We have several nice meetings together. And this morning...I did my first presentation in Denmark!!
After the presentation, I am very proud that I have some correct viewpoints.
My presentation is not very good, but at least I try to do it.
I believe it will become better and better. Two days later, I will have another one... I really enjoy it!

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